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Winter Shapewear Guide: What to Get & How to Wear it

If you’re anything like us, winter comes around, and it’s all too easy to sip into lazy mode and wear the same thing as much as you can get away with. Hey, we’re a judgment-free zone! Whether you want to lounge around, get ready quickly, stay warm, or try out the trends. There’s a shapewear style to suit your needs. Here are the winter shapewear staples you can’t live without for the cold-weather season. Rushed to ready Getting ready in a rush is a pretty standard affair during the winter months. For starters, it’s too cold to stand around naked pondering what to wear, and then there’s the extra 15 minutes we get if we hit ‘snooze’ instead of getting...

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Feel Empowered Everyday With The Shapewear Code

Here at Curvedgirls, we believe in empowering women above all else. Shapewear is not something you use to hide, disguise or “correct” your body - you wear it to enhance, flaunt, and enable yourself to wear whichever outfit you want… whenever you want! And since we’re growing strong, we couldn’t help but wonder: what do we all have in common apart from shapewear? What makes all of us unique? What is being a curved girl really about? Shapewear wearers have been accused of many things in the past. But changing the conversation around shapewear also means focusing on what makes us GREAT and what we have in COMMON. That’s how we came up with the Shapewear Code: a small set of 5 traits we...

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How Shapewear CAN Be Body Positive

Look, we get it. When we, at Curvedgirls, first started getting excited about spreading the word on what shapewear meant to us, we knew we’d get some serious backlash. After all, shapewear was invented a long, long time ago as a way to actually cover-up women’s bodies, molding them into unattainable standards that were imposed by, of course, men. But we live in the 21st century right now. This is no longer true. Plus, we now have the power to define what stuff means to us - and NOT the other way round. So here are 7 ways in which shapewear can actually be body positive. Join us in spreading the love! Us girls need to stick up for each other and stop...

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