Winter Shapewear Guide: What to Get & How to Wear it

If you’re anything like us, winter comes around, and it’s all too easy to sip into lazy mode and wear the same thing as much as you can get away with. Hey, we’re a judgment-free zone! Whether you want to lounge around, get ready quickly, stay warm, or try out the trends. There’s a shapewear style to suit your needs. Here are the winter shapewear staples you can’t live without for the cold-weather season.

Rushed to ready

Empetua Shaper Shorts

Getting ready in a rush is a pretty standard affair during the winter months. For starters, it’s too cold to stand around naked pondering what to wear, and then there’s the extra 15 minutes we get if we hit ‘snooze’ instead of getting out of bed earlier. But dressing quickly can be stressful without thinking about the essentials. Curvy™ Shaper Shorts take you from bed-head to chic in a snap. It’s comfy, but snug, supportive without suffocating, and smooths those lumps and bumps. Curvedgirls gals agree this makes any outfit look incredible!

Winter layering is when shapewear really comes into its own. If you need extra warmth underneath your clothes, choosing shapewear instead of thermal underwear can be a great option. Curvy™ Shaper Shorts, makes a fantastic base layer, which is so necessary to keep you warm but also to control parts of your body that usually make it difficult to wear what you want. The Shaper Shorts helps to tame tummy and thighs so you can stay smooth and warm under light-weight dresses, pants, and trouser-suits.

Get Hygge

Truekind Shaper Bra

Winter is all about getting cozy. Lounging around, wrapped in cuddly crushed velvet blankets, and lighting all the scented candles gifted to you at Christmas. The Danish, being the bright nordic people they are, came up with the concept of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) to describe the feeling of comfort and relaxation associated with their winter wellness.

To help you embrace Hygge, our All Day Every Day Shaper Bra was made for Netflix and chill. When others are taking off their bra to watch TV, you’ll be pulling yours on – it’s so comfy! The wireless, molded cups help to support your boobs, and wide straps prevent digging in, while the soft, breathable fabric won’t cling to skin. All to say, it’s likely you’ll forget you have it on!

Trends to try

Empetua Shaper Panty

Ruffles, feathers, pleats, and patchwork are all making a play to be winter’s most-loved trend. If that wasn’t hectic enough, seventies styles and nineties fashion described as “messy” and “aggressive casualness” is seen in masculine blazers thrown over camisoles layered under oversized T-shirts.

If all of this sounds a little risky (and frankly, we’re with you!), you can’t go wrong with the High Waisted Shaping Panties. A Bestseller for a reason, it’s a closet must-have for millions of women creating an all-day seamless look no matter what’s worn over the top. With up to 3 pairs bought by women on average, it’s a sell-out style, and often there’s a waiting list for the most popular colors.