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Curvy™ Shaper Shorts - Curvedgirls
Curvy™ Shaper Shorts - Curvedgirls
Curvy™ Shaper Shorts - Curvedgirls
Curvy™ Shaper Shorts - Curvedgirls
Curvy™ Shaper Shorts - Curvedgirls
Curvy™ Shaper Shorts - Curvedgirls

Curvy™ Shaper Shorts

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Please consider the size chart before ordering!

Size Waist (in/cm) Hips (in/cm) Weight (lbs/kg)
S 22-26 / 56-66 30-34 / 76-86 88-110 / 40-50
M / L 26-30 / 66-76 34-38 / 86-97 110-143 / 50-65
XL / XXL 30-35 / 76-89 38-43 / 97-109 143-176 / 65-80
3XL 35-40 / 89-102 43-47 / 109-120 176-220 / 80-100
4XL 40-45 / 102-115 47-54 / 120-136 220-243 / 100-110

Wear Your Favorite Dress Every Day With Confidence!

Are you tired of having that dreaded muffin top? Do you absolutely hate when your voluptuous thighs rub against each other when it's hot? 

Our Shaper Shorts is the easiest way of getting that hourglass shape!

Comfy as a second skin, this innovative design moves with you, not against you. Sit, stretch or dance. The shorts provide a stay-put fit you can count on. No roll down, no chub rub, just the sensation your day is shaping up to be an amazing one. 

Say goodbye to traditional shapewear that rolls down constantly. No more endless adjustments until you get the perfect fit.

Are you ready for that life changing transformation? Don't worry, nobody will get to know your little secret.

In fact, did you know that 9 out of 10 celebrities wear shapewear on events? So if they can, you can too. There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Click the "Add to cart" button above now and start dressing up again with proud and confidence. We offer worldwide shipping but only for a limited time!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Why You'll Love Our Shaper Shorts

  • Extremely comfortable: Wrap your curves in 360° of tummy-to-thigh smoothing comfort. Made of high quality Spandex and Polyester.
  • Boost confidence: Slims your thighs and flattens your tummy for instant confidence, whatever you wear
  • Like a second skin: Perfect under tight jeans, short skirts and your favorite dresses
  • Bye pantylines: Smooth, sleek, and invisible under clothes. No need to worry about panty lines anymore!
  • Instant results: The slimming and tummy tucking effect makes any outfit look so much better! 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: If there is absolutely anything wrong with your order, contact our team and we will gladly issue you a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority!

UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please click "Add to cart" or "Buy it now" to order while supplies last!

Still having any doubts?

Hesitant? Ask our many customers from all around the world.

Don't like it? We'll be sad, but we'll take it back. Refunds are 100% Guaranteed.


Q. How do I pee with this on?

A. You just pull it down like you normally would with your underwear.

Q. Does it roll down at the top and ride up the legs?

A. No, unlike traditional shapewear our Shaper Shorts stay up all day even if you sit down!

Q. How do I wash it?

A. Machine wash with cold water, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron. 

Q. Does it make your butt look flat?

A. Not at all, it actually enhances your natural curves on the buttock area.

Q. Do I size up or down?

A. Make sure to get your usual size as the effect will be little if you size up. It must fit tight.

Q. Does it hide cellulite?

A. Yes it does cover it very effectively.

Q. Can I wear it all day long at weddings?

A. Yes, you can comfortably wear it all day, every day as our Shaper Shorts are made of extremely breathable material!

Q. Can I wear it under thin leggings?

A. Yes you can but the texture might be visible if you're wearing very see-through leggings. Everything else should be just fine.

Q. Can I wear a skirt on top of it?

A. Yes absolutely. The length of the Shaper Shorts is about mid to upper thigh depending on your height.